How to close apps on Galaxy Tab 10.1

If you are new to Android and Galaxy Tab 10.1 the process of closing currently running applications might cause some difficulties. First thing you should know is that Android Honeycomb supports multitasking in its own way, that very different from what you can see in other platforms: when you switch to the new application or return back to home screen the previously active application is either gets put to idle state or even terminated in case it consumes too much resources. In other words, Galaxy Tab takes care about closing apps automatically and Android developers made everything not to be asked how to close apps on Galaxy Tab 10.1.

But there are situations when you want to make sure that your application is not running any more. Galaxy Tab 10.1 with TouchWiz user interface introduces simple and efficient way to close apps currently running on your tablet:

How to open task manager on Galaxy Tab 10.1

Tap and hold the Home icon in the bottom left corner of the screen until a Task Manager application comes up:

How to close apps on Galaxy Tab 10.1

Task manager dialog displays the currently active apps and provides you with ability to close each of them separately by tapping the close button in the top right corner of the app thumbnail or close all apps together by clicking the “End all” button. In case your Galaxy Tab 10.1 does not have TouchWiz UX update installed you can download an alternative task manager from Android market.

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